Health Insurance

True Importance and Necessity of Health Insurance: Bane Or Boon?

Health is your greatest wealth. How many times have you had someone drop this reminder? To be honest, we shouldn’t really need to be reminded of the importance of health. It’s self-explanatory. Think of the time when you had a severe fever last winter and you were unable to get out of bed for a few days. Do you remember the kind of strike it was for your productivity and creativity on a day to day basis? It wasn’t just that you were unable to show up at work, but your role as a social being was compromised as well. This is perhaps the simplest and most obvious lessons in the importance of one’s health.

Here’s an exercise for you. If you asked the people around you if they thought health was important in a simple “Yes” or “No” question, what do you think would be the proportion of people who would have the latter answer? If we are being totally honest here, it’s fair to state that the fraction would remain at an absolute 0. In other words, there is literally not a soul on the planet who would argue on the importance of health.

Much like everyone else, you must have a similar opinion about the importance of health. But answer this, what is it exactly that you have done to maintain and sustain your health in the long run if you truly believe it to be important? Do you currently have health insurance? Yes, we understand that look on your face as soon as we mentioned health insurance. The reason is simple. Buying health insurance and paying the premiums on a monthly basis sounds like a huge expenditure that can easily be avoided if only you chose not to purchase one. However, living on the edge without health insurance could have its own ramifications.

This leads us to a crucial question; is health insurance really worth it? Would you consider it a boon or would it just be a bane for you in the long run? Read along and find the answer in order to make an informed decision about buying health insurance.